Family law matters are some of the most challenging cases there are because of the emotional toll it takes on the parties and the ramifications they can have as parents spend years, often more than a decade, trying to work together and cooperatively parent the children they have in common.  Emotions for everyone involved often run very high and missteps can be costly.  This is why Leavitt Legal Group seeks to offer the highest level of service to all of our clients as we move together towards a resolution.    



       Divorce is becoming much more common in the United States as nearly half of first marriages end in divorce.  Sometimes the parties can find a mutually agreeable way to separate from each other, divide their assets and debts, and arrange for custody of any children they may have.  In other cases, the parties fight tooth and nail over every thing.  Regardless of whether you divorce is contested or uncontested, Leavitt Legal Group can help you.  We have the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to fight for your rights.

Child Custody and Support

       Two of the most contentious issues in a divorce are how custody of the children will be arranged and who is responsible for paying child support.  What makes this issue even more difficult is that child custody and child support can change in the future, which means the parties may need to revisit the issue later on.  Whether it is dealing with the establishing child support and child custody in the first instance or seeking to modify it after the fact, Leavitt Legal Group can, and will, fight for you.

Prenuptial Agreements


       Nobody decides to get married in hopes that one day their marriage will fall apart.  Nevertheless, it is important to plan for possible outcomes, and having a prenuptial agreement in place is a smart and effective way to protect yourself if things do not work out.  These agreements are especially important for entrepreneurs, doctors, investors, and other high-net worth individuals.  If you are thinking about marriage, but want to protect yourself in the future, Leavitt Legal Group offers the knowledge and creativity you need to draft a prenuptial agreement.


       Many people do not anticipate how difficult full-blown divorce litigation can be.  It take a significant amount of time, it can be emotionally and psychologically draining, and it is rare for a party to get everything they want.  For this reason, Leavitt Legal Group offers mediation services where a neutral, third-party mediator can discuss what the parties are hoping to achieve, provide candid feedback on where each party stands, and explore the possibility for the parties to reach a compromise.  This mediation process is often a welcome break from the high demands of litigation, and Leavitt Legal Group can help.

        If you need an aggressive advocate in your corner fighting for your rights, contact Leavitt Legal Group today for a free consultation .

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