At Leavitt Legal Group we recognize that businesses often face unique challenges and that the needs of a business can vary substantially, which is why Leavitt Legal Group prides itself on our ability to provide comprehensive legal counsel to fit the ever-changing needs of your business.  Whether you are a small start-up company working out of your garage that is looking to lay a solid legal foundation or an established company with complex legal needs, Leavitt Legal Group has the knowledge and experience to help you.

       While many of our clients call us because they trust our ability to navigate the complex task of litigation, Leavitt Legal Group also offers our services as skilled mediators and arbitrators who can help businesses find creative solutions and resolve conflicts without resorting to litigation.  Additionally, Leavitt Legal Group also works with clients to draft forward-thinking documents that will help them achieve their goals and execute their vision with the added benefit of avoiding litigation.  Whatever the needs of your business, call Leavitt Legal Group today.

Business Litigation

       At Leavitt Legal Group we realize that each cases present unique challenges, which is why we make it a point to invest the time and effort up front to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a case, evaluate possible outcomes, and create an effective legal strategy.  Our proactive analysis allows us to be prepared for the inevitable twists and unexpected turns of litigation.  Following this initial analysis, Leavitt Legal Group works tirelessly to implement our strategy so we, and our client, are fully prepared for the rigors of trial.  While Leavitt Legal Group has the ability to represent your business no matter what problem you are facing, we have experience representing clients in the following areas:

  • Breach of contract

  • Construction litigation

  • Partnerships disputes

  • Real estate disputes

  • Business torts

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Fraud and misrepresentation

  • Patent infringement and

  • Trade secret theft

Alternative Dispute Resolution

       In addition to offering aggressive representation in litigation, Leavitt Legal Group also offers its services as skilled mediators and arbitrators.  Oftentimes, a dispute can be resolved without going to trial if the parties can find a mutually-beneficial solution to the problem they are facing.  Finding these kinds of solutions requires perceptive and thoughtful questioning, superb negotiation skills, and the creativity to think outside the box, and Leavitt Legal Group has all of these.  If you feel you may need the services of a skilled mediator or arbitrator to help resolve a problem you are facing, contact Leavitt Legal Group today.

Business Transactional Drafting

       At Leavitt Legal Group we also advise out clients on a variety of corporate matters that will help them lay a solid legal foundation and, hopefully, avoid litigation in the future. 

       One area clients, especially small businesses, often overlook is forming the appropriate corporate entity that will allow them to shield the owners of the business from being personally liable for the debts and obligation of the business while also maximizing the earnings of the business.  This process usually includes evaluating the type of entity that will minimize the businesses’ and the owners’ tax liability, filing the necessary Articles of Incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State, and drafting corporate bylaws and an operating agreement.  A properly drafted set of corporate bylaws and operating agreement is one of the most important steps a business can make to avoid internal conflict as the business continues to grow.

       Another area that is especially important for a business is drafting contracts.  Contracts govern all or most of the relationships a business has.  Whether it is the relationship a business has with its vendors, employees, independent contractors, or other third parties, having a contract that accurately memorializes the parties actually agree to and effectively allocates risk is crucial.  Employment contracts, which can include non-compete and non-solicitation clauses as well as non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, are especially important because they allow businesses to protect themselves from injury where they may be the most venerable.

       If your business needs help navigating the complexity of business litigation, the skilled hand of an experienced mediator, or the expert touch of a capable draftsman, call Leavitt Legal Group today.

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